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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

All the World her stage-8th Standard Second Language English Notes

  Admin       Tuesday, October 10, 2017
All the World her stagSai Paranjpye.
C1. Answer the following questions.
1) Who were usually playing companions for Sai in her childhood?
“ai͛s graŶdfather ǁraŶgler ‘.P. Paranjpye was her playing companion.
2) Who was affectionately called Appa.
Sai's grandfather was affectionately called 'Appa'.
3) When was the grandfather very much impressed by Sai͛s ability.
When she narrated a fairy tale of her own creation her grandfather was impressed by her talents.
4) What was sai's first published book.
Sais first published book was a fairy tale book, called "Mulancha Mera"
5) 'Sai Froze' when did it happen?
'Sai Froze' when she stepped on a book.
C.2. Answer the following questions.
1) How could sai draw the attention of the playmates while they made fun of her?
When her friends made fun of her she sadly sat by the side lines. Soon her face brightened she cried out. She knew of a lovely game. It's a magic island full of Children treasure. The friends came to her and listened to her story and they were all attracted by her tale.
2) What fascinated Sai as a child?
Fairy tales fascinated Sai as a child.
3) Why the word 'mother' given within inverted commas in 16th and 17th paragraphs.
The word 'mother' is given in inverted commas as Sai played the role of bride's mother in dolls marriage.
C 3. Some statements are given below some are true and some are false. Tick off 'T' or 'F' Also indicate in the box the paragraph numbers in which you can find your answer.
1) Sai looked very athletic (False) (12)
2) Sai used to tell fantastic stories to her friends. (True) (14)
3) Even as child Sai published a book. (True) (8)
4) Her grandfather did not take it seriously when she stepped on a book. (False) (10)
5) Pranjpye was a 'Senior Wrangler' (True) (2)
6) One of the Maharastrian Children's game is marriage of dolls (True) (15)
7) Sai told a story to her grandfather (True) (4)
8) Sai learnt to regard books with respect (True) (11)
C 4. Some important events in the story are given in a jumbled order. Put them in the order in which they are given in the text.
 The usual sight of grandpa and sai playing to get her.
 Sai telling a story to her grandfather
 Grandfather telling her to treat books with respect
 Sai's drawing the attention of the play mates
 The wedding of the dolls.
C 5. Read and discuss and write.
1) Describe how grandfather and sai enjoyed other's company?
Every morning Sai went skipping with her grandfather. Her grandfather tolds her fables and put simple mathematical problems. They laughed, talked and had a great time.
2) Why was grandfather very much impressed by sai's story ?
The fairy tale that sai told to grandfather was full of dragons and princes. Talking parrots and hidden gold. The story was very interesting therefore her grandfather was very much impressed.
3) What do you think the great achievement of Sai as a child?
When she was only eight she published a book of fairy tales. 'Mulancha Mera'. This is her great achievement as a child.
4) Describe the incident in the library.
One day Sai by mistake stepped on a book. Her grandfather told her to ask the forgiveness of the book. According to him kicking a book was kicking knowledge. So sai bent and did Namaskar.
5) How was Sai able to win over her friends?
When her friends made fun of Sai she sat on the side line sadly. At one she cried her face brightened Ha I know of a lovely game. Its magic island fun of hidden treasure When
her playmates heard this they came to her and listened to her story and were attracted by it. That is how sai was able to win over her friends.
6) What surprise awaited Sai one day as she came back from school?
When Sai returned form the School. The whole house looked like marriage hall. Before she could say anything she was dressed like a mother of the bride. The bands arrived the groom road on real horse bride was brought by chanting mantras. That was the surprise awaited Sai one day when she returned f rom the school.
C 6. Write a paragraph on each of the following topics.
1) Sai's talents even as child:
Sai was talented even as a child. When she was six or seven years old she made up fairy tale herself and told it to her grandfather. When she was only eight she published a book 'Mul ancha Mera' which contained the fairy tales written by her. These examples show her talents even as a child.
2) Lessons she learnt from her grant father:
She learnt the art of telling fairy tales from her
grandfather. She also learnt to respect books f rom him. She herself wrote fairy tales.
3) The incident of wedding of dolls :
Sai asked her mother she wanted some fun on the same day she was surprised when she returned fro m the school. Her house looked like marriage hall. Sai was dressed in ďride͛s mother dress. Bridge groom came riding on the real horse. Bands arrived. Bride was brought with all religious chanting.
V 1. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word chosen from among the ones given in brackets.
Sai was fond of telling stories. Her grandfather
was impressed by this talent of her. Thought she was not good at sports. She used to entertain her friends with her tales of fancy. Even as a child she had published a book of fairy tales.
V 2. Some terms that describe people have been given below. Choose them under desirable and not desirable categories :
DesirableNot desirable
imaginative, social,
Complaining, short
tempered, lazy, spirited
glum, lethargic, double tongued, jealous.
V 3. Give the antonyms of the following and use them in blanks appropriately.
An tall man appeared on the stage walking slowly at the end of the play just before the close of the play. Soon the audience stood up and as the lights were on. In that bright light, they could see the director a old man with imposing figure.
V 4. Give the negative form of these words using a prefox, change the article if necessary.
1) a familiar sight   an unfamiliar sight
2) a used towel    an un used towel
3) a prepared speech   an unprepared speech
4) an attentive soldier   an inattentive soldier
5) a successful attempt   an un successful attempt
6) an organised show   a dis organised show
7)a satisfied person  a dis satisfied person

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