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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

COROMANDEL FISHERS-8th Standard Second Language English Notes

  Admin       Tuesday, October 10, 2017
C1. Answer the following questions.
1) What sort of sounds can one hear early in the morning?
One can hear the sound of the leader of the fisherman calling his fellow men to arise and start their work.
2) How is the wind described in line two?
Wind is described as if it sleeps in the arms of dawn.
3) Why are the nets to be gathered?
Nets are to gathered to catch the fish.
4) What do you think is the wealth to the fishermen?
The wealth of fishermen is leaping wealth of the tide. That is fish.
C2. Read and discuss then write.
1) What do you understand from the first line of the poem, 'The wakening skies pray to the morning light"?
It is still dawn but light is not clear. So the skies pray the sun to brighten his light. So that people might start their daily work.
2) The poet says, 'Let us set our catamarans free.' What does it man?
Usually after their work in the evening fishermen tie their boats for the purpose of safety. Next day when they start their work they untie them, free for their work.
3) What happens if the fishermen are late in their work.
Wind will begin to blow. It will disturb their work before wind starts to below they have to start their work. The early morning it suitable to work as it is calm and quiet.
4) Why does the poet say:
a) the sea is our mother: The fishermen are born near sea and brought up there. Like mother the sea feeds them. They get fish from the sea and fish are their wealth. They earn their livelihood by eating, selling, transporting the fish therefore they call the sea their mother.
b) the cloud is our brother,: Cloud helps them during their work. It will not let out the rain which hinders their work.
c) the waves are our comrades all? - Waves help the fishers by controlling their speed so that the boats of the fishers will not be drowned. Therefore fishers call them as their brothers.
C3. Answer the following in a paragraph:
1) The poet describes many things as sweet what are they among them what is considered to be the sweetest?
The things those are sweet 1) Shade of the groves of the coconut trees. 2) Scent of mango groves 3) sands at the
full '0' moon (4) sound of the voice of their relatives that they love 5) the kiss of the spray and dance of the wild foam's glee. Sweetest among them is the kiss of the spray and dance of wild foam's glee.
C4. Name the figure of speech used in the following sentences.
1) The wakening skies pray to the morning light. - Personification.
2) The wind lies asleep in the arms of the dawn like a child. - Simile
3) The sea is our mother. -Metaphor
4) The cloud is our brother. -Metaphor
5) The waves are our comrades all. Metaphor.
C5. List out the rhyming words in the poems.
Light – Night, Free – Sea, Call – all, drives – lives, grove - love gle - sea.

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