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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

THE SAWN AND THE PRINCESS-8th Standard Second Language English Notes

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C I. Answer the following questions and share _ your responses with your partner.
1) What was the complaint of Devadatt against prince Siddhartha?
Devdatt complained that he had shot the swan which fell under the feet of Sidhartha and Sidhartha picked up and did not give it to Devdatt.
2) Why did Siddhartha claim that the swan was his? Sidhartha claimed that the swan was his because he looked after the wounded swan and saved its life.
3) How did the bird react to Devdatta's call?
When Devdatta called the bird to come near him, the bird began to tremble and cried in fear.
4) What did Siddhartha say to the swan? What did the ird do?
Siddhartha said to the bird not to be afraid of him. He asked the bird to come and sit on his arms. At once the swan flew and sat on Siddhartha's arms.
5) What made Devdatt and Siddhartha approach the king?
Devadatt approached the king complaining that Siddhartha would not give the swan which he had shot down. So the king sent for Siddhartha. Siddhartha told the king that the bird was his as he had protected the life of the bird so both of them approached the king to get Justice from him.
6) How did each of them defend their actions?
Devdatt defended his action by pleading that he had shot the bird and bird must belong to him. Siddhartha pleaded that the swan sought his protection and he saved the birds so the bird was his.
7) How did the Chief Minister resolve the dispute at the end?
The Chief Minister called both Devdatt and siddhartha
and asked Siddhartha to ke ep the swan on a stool. He called Devdatt and asked him to call the bird to come to him. When Devadatt went near the bird the bit trembled and cried with fear. It did not go near Devdutt. Then the chief minister called Siddhartha and told him the same thing. When Siddhartha went near the bird and called it come to him without any fear. The swan at once flew and sat on Siddhartha's arms so chief minister told the king that the swan itself had solved problem. The king declared that the swan belonged to Siddhartha.
C 2. Put the following events in the order in which they occur in the play and write them in paragraph.
Devdatt shot on arrow at the bird.
Siddhartha nursed the bird with care Devdatt appealed to the king for Justice Devdatt called the swan to him Siddhartha called the swan lovingly.
The swan flew into Siddhartha's arms.
C 3. After the swan had been saved by Siddhartha. It was very happy and wanted to thank the prince.
Write an imaginery dialogue between the swan and prince siddhartha. The beginning of the dialogue has been given.
Swan: dear Siddhartha I want to talk to you.
Siddhartha: Yes my dear what's it Tell me don't fear anyone.
Swan: Dear prince It's only because of your kindness I am
still alive today.
Prince : Why do you see so?
Swan: Imagine what would have happened if you hadŶ͛t
save me?
Prince: Don't you think it was my duty?
Swan : May be, But all people would not do that. Any way thank you very much.
Prince : You͛re ǁelĐoŵe.
V. 1. Some definitions are give n below substitute each of them a single word using prefix given above.
1) One's own Signature autograph
2) Place of living organism biosphere
3) More than one purpose Multi-purpose
4) Effective against bacteria anti biotic
5) Half of the earth͛s surface hemisphere
6) True not fiction non fiction
7) Between nations International
8) To wash before pre wash
9) Very small not visible to microscopic the naked eye
V 3. Add one letter and make a new word to mean the word given breakets.
Wonder (Surprise)
Complain (express dis satisfaction)
Strange (unusual)
Save (Protect)
Arms (Parts of body)
Belong (Possess)
V 4. Fill in the blanks with the given words using the suffixes ͚ful͛ or ͚less͛ appropriately.
i) Mohan usually drives on the right side of the road he is a Careless driver.
ii) The teacher is very careful while crossing the road. She looks to her right and left and always uses the zebra crossing.
Cheer -
i) His father died just a few days before Diwal i. It was
Cheerless Diwali for him.
ii) My friend has many problems. He has to support a large family but he is always smiling. He is a Cheerful person. Thought -
i) I was very ill. My friend called a doctor. It was
thoughtful of him.
ii) Most young people live in present they are often
thoughtless about the future.
Power -
i) A boy picked up a quarrel with a boxer. The boxer lost
his temper and gave a powerful blow.

ii) I was going for a walk with my friends. Suddenly a robber pounced on me and held my arms from behind. I felt totally powerless.

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