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Monday, August 17, 2020

The central government is set to open school-colleges from September onwards.

  ksge       Monday, August 17, 2020

 Heading : School start regarding.

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  1. Good news education not end forever

  2. It's good to start school with extra precautions and safety bcz education n school can't be closed for more time.

    1. If one student test positive then students around him or her also get attached then theirs life will be abolished

  3. I don't feel. This year school will open

  4. Its not good to open school n college in this crucial time because,we the ppl don't know all the students come from and even 1 student is having tested positive then it common his surrounded ppl will get positive results..
    Thats why its good to starts after some tyme....

  5. Its not good to open schools at this year

  6. It's is good to open the school

  7. Yeah it's good to open school and colleges atleast for higher classes like 11th and 12th because online classes or pre recorded classes will not be sufficient so atleast by higher measure and higher security colleges should be reopen as soon as possible and in every colleges their should be given covid tester so that they can identify
    Positive cases so please as soon as possible reopen colleges

  8. Its not good school open in this year

  9. Its not good tk open thus year

  10. Schools would just help the virus to spread even faster. It is not at all good to reopen schools as it would become even more criticised situation. Without a vaccin, don't be so confident.. COVID-19 is no simple brute for which life itself means nothing!

  11. It's good to open because education is more important already 3 months will loss plz open the school and clg

  12. This is a good decision taken by the government.already three months are passed.so please open the schools and colleges

  13. It's unwise to open schools
    Without vaccination
    Because covid19 is a worst virus with high infective capacity
    Highly contagious

    What ever online learning
    It's ok
    Because life is also important

  14. It is better to teach our children to face the problem with all caution than to run out of this