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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

1 to 9th Class KALIKA CHETARIKE PROGRAMME Modules 2022-23 reg

  PINIXJOBS       Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Heading: 1 to 9th Class KALIKA CHETARIKE PROGRAMME Modules 2022-23 reg

File name:Modules

Language: Kannada

Which Department :Education

Central OR State Information: state

Location : Karnataka

Published Date : 26-04-2022

Information Term : Short

Purpose of Information : All

Information Format : JPJ

Information Size : 865kb

Number of Pages : 01

Scanned Copy : Yes

Information Editable Text : No

Password Protected : No

Image Available : Yes

Download Link Available : Yes

Copy Text : No

Information Print Enable : Yes

File Quality : High

File size Reduced : No

File Password : No

File size Reduced : No

File Password : No

Rate : Free of cost

For Personal Use Only

Save water,Save life!!!

11TO 3RD STANDARDKannada & MathsVidya PraveshNIPUN BHARATH
21 st StandardKannadaWork Book
31 st StandardMathsWork Book
42 nd StandardKannadaWork Book
52 nd StandardMathsWork Book
63 rd StandardKannadaWork Book
73 rd StandardMathsWork Book
84TH STANDARDKannadaHand bookWork Sheets
94TH STANDARDEnglishHand BookWork Sheets
104TH STANDARDMathsHand BookWork Sheets
114TH STANDARDEVSHand BookWork Sheets
125TH STANDARDKannadaHand BookWork Sheets
135TH STANDARDEnglishHand BookWork Sheets
145TH STANDARDMathsHand BookWork Sheets
155TH STANDARDEVSHand BookWork Sheets
166TH STANDARDKannadaHand BookWork Sheets
176TH STANDARDEnglishHand BookWork Sheets
186TH STANDARDHindiHand BookWork Sheets
196TH STANDARDMathsHand BookWork Sheets
206TH STANDARDScienceHand BookWork Sheets
216TH STANDARDSocial ScienceHand BookWork Sheets
227TH STANDARDKannadaHand BookWork Sheets
237TH STANDARDEnglishHand BookWork Sheets
247TH STANDARDHindiHand BookWork Sheets
257TH STANDARDMathsHand BookWork Sheets
267TH STANDARDScienceHand BookWork Sheets
277TH STANDARDSocial ScienceHand BookWork Sheets
288TH STANDARDKannadaHand BookWork Sheets
298TH STANDARDEnglishHand BookWork Sheets
308TH STANDARDHindiHand BookWork Sheets
318TH STANDARDMathsHand BookWork Sheets
328TH STANDARDScienceHand BookWork Sheets
338TH STANDARDSocial ScienceHand BookWork Sheets
349TH STANDARDKannadaHand BookWork Sheets
359TH STANDARDEnglishHand BookWork Sheets
369TH STANDARDHindiHand BookWork Sheets
379TH STANDARDMathsHand BookWork Sheets
389TH STANDARDScienceHand BookWork Sheets
399TH STANDARDSocial ScienceHand BookWork Sheets

Thanks for reading 1 to 9th Class KALIKA CHETARIKE PROGRAMME Modules 2022-23 reg

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